Symptoms of depression 

Recommended Yogasanas


Persistent Sadness: Feelings of deep and prolonged sadness, often without an apparent cause.

Loss of Interest or Pleasure: Diminished interest in activities that were once enjoyable or fulfilling.

Changes in Sleep Patterns: Disruptions in sleep, either through insomnia or excessive sleeping.

Fatigue: Persistent feelings of tiredness and low energy, even after adequate rest.

Changes in Appetite: Significant changes in appetite, leading to weight loss or gain.

Irritability: Easily irritated or angered, often over trivial matters.

Difficulty Concentrating: Challenges in focusing, making decisions, or remembering details.

Physical Aches and Pains: Unexplained physical discomfort or pain without a clear cause. 

Feelings of Worthlessness or Guilt: A pervasive sense of inadequacy, guilt, or self-blame.

Thoughts of Death or Suicidal Ideation: Persistent thoughts about death, dying, or contemplating suicide.