Here are 12  micro niches 

Succesful Blogging

urban gardening

Share tips and tricks for growing plants in small spaces, balcony gardens, or indoor gardening.

budget travel

Explore affordable travel destinations, share money-saving tips, and provide insights for budget-conscious travelers

Vintage Fashion 

Focus on showcasing vintage clothing, styling tips, and thrift store hauls for fashion enthusiasts.

Home Organization

Offer practical advice on decluttering, organizing spaces, and creating functional home environments. 

Healthy Meal Prep

Share nutritious and delicious meal prep ideas, recipes, and kitchen hacks for busy individuals.

Pet Training

Provide training tips, tricks, and behavior modification techniques for specific pets like dogs, cats, or birds.

DIY Home Décor

Showcase creative DIY projects, upcycling ideas, and home decoration tips for interior design enthusiasts. 

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Share insights on remote work, traveling while working, and balancing work-life as a digital nomad.