A Royal Drive for a New York Taxi


Meghan and Prince Harry’s Short Taxi Journey in New York Leaves Them Nervous.

A chance encounter between a New York taxi driver and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, and Prince Harry, provided a glimpse into their world as they tried to escape the relentless pursuit of photographers. The taxi driver, Sukhcharn Singh, also known as Sonny, described their short journey as an eventful one, with the couple appearing visibly nervous.

A Calm Witness to an Alleged Car Chase


Contrary to the claims of a near-catastrophic car chase, Sonny, the New York City cab driver who had the privilege of driving Meghan and Prince Harry, downplayed the incident. He described the encounter as a momentary delay caused by a garbage truck and the presence of paparazzi photographers. Sonny believes that the couple’s nervousness stemmed from the ongoing pursuit throughout the day.

Professionalism Shines Amid Paparazzi Chase


While the allegations of a dangerous chase persisted, it is noteworthy that Sonny, the taxi driver, remained composed and focused on his task of safely transporting his passengers. With his calm demeanor and professional approach, Sonny’s presence instilled a sense of reassurance, highlighting the importance of skilled security personnel.


A Welcoming City Amidst the Chaos


New York City, often regarded as the city that never sleeps, provided a safe haven for Meghan and Prince Harry during their time of need. Sonny emphasized that New York is one of the safest places to be, with police stations and law enforcement officers on every corner. The city’s ability to offer refuge to public figures facing relentless attention showcases its commitment to security and safety.


A Memorable Encounter with Royalty


For Sonny, the taxi ride with Meghan and Prince Harry was an unforgettable experience. Despite the couple’s fame and the media attention surrounding them, Sonny treated them like any other passengers he encounters in his line of work. The couple’s courteous demeanor and their genuine interest in his name left a positive impression on Sonny, reinforcing their reputation as genuinely nice people.

Celebrities Are No Strangers to New York Taxis



Sonny, a seasoned New York City cab driver, has had his fair share of encounters with celebrities. Picking up famous personalities is not an uncommon occurrence for him. With previous passengers such as Keith Richards, Sonny remains unfazed by their fame. His nonchalant attitude reflects the cosmopolitan nature of New York City, where celebrity sightings are just another part of everyday life.


A Farewell to New York’s Taxi Driver

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After sharing a few moments with reporters, Sonny bid them farewell and resumed his duties as a taxi driver. His commitment to his profession and dedication to providing safe and reliable transportation exemplify the unsung heroes who keep the city moving. With another day of ferrying passengers ahead, Sonny’s positive attitude encapsulates the spirit of New York’s taxi drivers.


The chance encounter between Meghan, Prince Harry, and Sonny, the New York taxi driver, sheds light on the couple’s nervousness amidst the relentless pursuit of photographers. Sonny’s account paints a more moderate picture, emphasizing the professionalism displayed by all parties involved and highlighting the safety and resilience of New York City. Ultimately, it was an unforgettable experience for Sonny, who treated the famous couple with the same courtesy and respect he affords all his passengers.

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