The ‘Day of Reckoning’: Anthony Joshua Next Fight With Otto Wallin Sets the Stage


anthony joshua next fight

Anthony Joshua Next Fight: Anthony Joshua takes center stage in Saudi Arabia, squaring off against Otto Wallin in what promises to be a historic ‘Day of Reckoning.’ Wallin, who challenged Tyson Fury in 2019, believes Joshua has evolved. The stakes are immense, with a potential bout against Deontay Wilder looming large. Let’s delve into the details of this high-stakes event and the intriguing dynamics of the heavyweight division.


For those eager to catch every punch and knockout, here’s a guide on how to watch the ‘Day of Reckoning’ live in Riyadh. Stay tuned to witness Joshua’s quest for victory and a step closer to the much-anticipated clash with Deontay Wilder.


The ‘Day of Reckoning’ Card & Anthony Joshua Next Fight

Explore the details of the ‘Day of Reckoning,’ touted as one of the best bills in boxing history. From undercard matchups to the main event featuring Joshua vs. Wallin, get ready for a night of exhilarating bouts in Saudi Arabia.


Amidst the current buzz, the prospect of a showdown between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder has captured the imagination of boxing fans worldwide. If both emerge victorious in their respective bouts, the stage is set for a mega-fight on March 9. Dive into the potential clash that could redefine heavyweight boxing.


While fans eagerly anticipate Joshua vs. Wilder, the much-anticipated clash with Tyson Fury is still on hold. Locked into two-fight deals, Fury and Joshua won’t cross paths for at least a year. Understand the contractual intricacies that delay this epic encounter.


The Unpredictability of Boxing Plans

Boxing plans are often fluid, and Eddie Hearn, Joshua’s promoter, emphasizes the need for flexibility. Despite discussions of a two-fight deal and a potential March mega-fight, uncertainties persist. Explore the challenges and factors influencing the scheduling of high-profile bouts.

Wilder’s return to the ring after over a year adds another layer of intrigue. With a remarkable record of 43-2-1 and a reputation as a knockout artist, Wilder’s presence on the ‘Day of Reckoning’ brings anticipation and excitement.


Otto Wallin, known for taking Tyson Fury to the distance in 2019, presents a formidable challenge to Joshua. Explore Wallin’s perspective on Joshua’s evolution and the potential impact on the outcome of the fight.


Fury’s Focus on Oleksandr Usyk

While Joshua navigates his path, Tyson Fury is focused on Oleksandr Usyk. The bitter rivalry is set to unfold on February 17 for the undisputed heavyweight world titles. Understand how Fury’s commitments influence the timing of potential matchups.

Amidst the uncertainties, the question looms – will Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua ever happen? Delve into the complexities surrounding negotiations, contractual obligations, and the unpredictable nature of the boxing world.

Deontay Wilder’s knockout prowess is well-documented, with 42 wins claimed that way. Only Tyson Fury in 2018 managed to withstand his power. Explore Wilder’s journey and the potential fireworks in his matchup against Joseph Parker.

Joseph Parker, with a 33-3-0 record, enters the ring on the back of three victories in 2023. As he faces Wilder on the ‘Day of Reckoning,’ dissect Parker’s recent performances and his chances against the knockout artist.

How to watch Joshua vs Wallin: TV channel, live stream, and PPV price for boxing tonight?


Q: When is the potential mega-fight between Joshua and Wilder scheduled?

A: If all goes according to plan, Joshua and Wilder are penciled in to fight on March 9.


Q: Why is Fury vs. Joshua delayed?

A: Both Fury and Joshua are locked into two-fight deals, pushing their clash to at least a year in the future.


Q: Is a two-fight deal confirmed for Joshua vs. Wilder?

A: Discussions are ongoing, and Eddie Hearn hints at the possibility, emphasizing the need for flexibility.


Q: When is Tyson Fury fighting Oleksandr Usyk?

A: Fury is set to face Usyk on February 17 for the undisputed heavyweight world titles.


Q: What is the record of Deontay Wilder?

A: Wilder boasts a record of 43-2-1, with 42 wins by knockout.

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Q: How did Wilder perform in his last fight?

A: Wilder defeated Robert Helenius by technical knockout in October 2022.


As the ‘Day of Reckoning’ approaches, the world of boxing is brimming with anticipation. From the potential clash between Joshua and Wilder to the prolonged wait for Fury vs. Joshua, every bout carries implications for the heavyweight division. Stay tuned for an unforgettable night of boxing in Saudi Arabia.


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