5 Dynamic Shifts: Apollo Global Careers Evolution into a Workplace of Tomorrow

apollo global careers

Apollo’s Strategic Hiring Surge and Future Plans


Apollo Global Careers: If you‚Äôre seeking a workplace with a dynamic transformation, Apollo Global has emerged as a compelling option. In a recent investor call, Apollo‚Äôs CFO, Martin Kelly, revealed that the firm welcomed 350 new hires in the past year, marking an impressive 9% increase in its workforce. What‚Äôs noteworthy is the geographical distribution of these hires ‚Äď a balanced split with half in North America and Europe and the other half in Mumbai. Looking ahead to 2024, Apollo aims to continue its growth trajectory with ‚Äúvery targeted‚ÄĚ hiring, maintaining a focus on Mumbai while strategically scaling origination, expanding high net worth coverage, and exploring new products and product creation.


From Aggressive to Adaptive: Evolution of Apollo’s Culture


Apollo Global, known historically for its demanding work culture, has undergone a significant metamorphosis in recent years. Three years ago, reports surfaced of 20-hour workdays and an intense work environment, prompting changes in 2021. Associates compelled the firm to increase their pay by $100k to $550k annually, reflecting a pivotal moment in addressing concerns about the demanding nature of the workplace. The driving force behind this culture shift was the departure of co-founder Josh Harris in mid-’21, known for his rigorous approach. Under the leadership of CEO Marc Rowan, who took the helm in early 2021, the culture has become more cerebral, with reduced micromanaging and an emphasis on diversity.


Divergent Perspectives: Is Apollo Truly Transformed?


While external sources, including Bloomberg and a private equity headhunter, praise Apollo‚Äôs shift towards a more inclusive and less aggressive workplace, internal perspectives may differ. A young female associate, writing on Wall Street Oasis, countered these positive reports, asserting that the work hours at Apollo remain ‚Äúinsane,‚ÄĚ with 80-hour workweeks and night shifts being the norm. This divergence raises questions about the extent of the cultural transformation and the actual experiences of employees within the organization.


Apollo’s Industry Ranking and Well-being Assessment In Apollo Global Careers


Apollo Global Careers: In a recent Ideal Employer report, Apollo Global secured the fourth position among the best private capital employers. While this recognition highlights the firm’s positive aspects, it falls short in well-being ratings compared to rival funds. This dual perspective emphasizes the need for potential employees to carefully evaluate their priorities and preferences when considering Apollo as a workplace.


Have Your Say: Share Your Stories, Tips, and Comments Anonymously


As we navigate through Apollo Global‚Äôs transformative journey, we invite readers to contribute to the ongoing conversation. If you have a confidential story, valuable tip, or comment to share, you can reach out through various channels ‚Äď SMS, Whatsapp, voicemail, Telegram, or via an anonymous form and email. Your input adds depth to the narrative, offering a nuanced understanding of the workplace dynamics at Apollo Global.


Apollo Global’s evolution is a multifaceted story of growth, cultural change, and differing perspectives. This comprehensive overview aims to provide readers with valuable insights into the organization’s past, present, and potential future.




Q: What prompted Apollo Global’s significant hiring in 2023?


A: Apollo Global strategically expanded its workforce by hiring 350 professionals in 2023 to support its growth initiatives. The firm emphasized a targeted approach to hiring, with a focus on global expansion, particularly in North America, Europe, and Mumbai.

Q: How has Apollo’s workplace culture changed under new leadership?


A: Since Marc Rowan became CEO in 2021, Apollo Global has undergone a cultural transformation. Reports suggest a shift towards a more cerebral, inclusive environment, with less micromanaging and a diverse workforce. The emphasis is on creating a workplace that attracts individuals described as ‚Äúsuper-nice‚ÄĚ with low egos.

Q: What challenges are associates at Apollo still facing despite cultural changes?


A: Despite positive shifts in the workplace culture, some associates at Apollo still report intense workloads. According to a Wall Street Oasis post, long hours, including 80-hour workweeks, and being on call during the night remain common.

Q: What are Apollo Global’s hiring plans for 2024?


A: In 2024, Apollo Global intends to continue hiring in a ‚Äúvery targeted‚ÄĚ manner. While maintaining a focus on Mumbai, the firm aims to scale origination, enhance high net worth coverage, and explore new products and product creation.

Q: How does Apollo Global rank among private capital employers in Ideal Employer reports?


A: Apollo Global holds the fourth position among the best private capital employers, according to Ideal Employer reports. While recognized for its growth and positive changes, it falls slightly short in well-being ratings compared to some rival funds.


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