We Still Don't Trust You

The embers of the Drake vs. the Universe beef have been fanned into a full-blown inferno with the surprise release of Future & Metro Boomin’s second collaborative album, We Still Don’t Trust You.  Just weeks after their initial project of the same name dropped, this unexpected sequel throws a major curveball, offering not just a continuation of their lyrical assault on Drake, but also a smooth R&B experience reminiscent of Future’s classic HNDRXX.

We Still Don't Trust You


A Double Dose of Future & Metro Magic With “We Still Don’t Trust You”


Fans initially braced themselves for a HNDRXX follow-up when Future and Metro announced their double-album project. The 2017 release paired a self-titled rap album with HNDRXX, a full-length R&B masterpiece. However, the aggressive title of We Still Don’t Trust You hinted at a different direction, especially following Kendrick Lamar’s scathing diss track, “Like That,” aimed squarely at Drake.


The R&B Curveball


The true genius of Future and Metro lies in their ability to subvert expectations. While the title suggested a full-on rap album, We Still Don’t Trust You actually delivers a spiritual successor to HNDRXX. Fans who’ve been yearning for that smooth, crooning Future since 2017 are finally getting their fix. This unexpected turn proves that subtle jabs can be just as effective as overt diss tracks.


The Beef Continues: Surprise Rap Tracks


Never ones to miss an opportunity, Future and Metro included a hidden gem within the R&B soundscape: six brand new rap songs. These tracks don’t hold back, firing even more direct shots at Drake. This surprise addition adds fuel to the already raging fire of the hip-hop feud, ensuring the drama won’t dissipate anytime soon.


What the Web is Saying


The internet is buzzing with reactions to We Still Don’t Trust You. Here’s a breakdown of the online chatter:


Drake Fans: Divided. Some are fuming over the continued attacks, while others are impressed by Future and Metro’s strategic maneuvering.

Neutral Observers: Many are applauding the artistry and the sheer audacity of the double album drop. The surprise rap tracks are generating the most discussion.

The Hip-Hop Community: Divided along pre-existing loyalties. The beef is definitely a hot topic, with everyone eager to hear Drake’s response, if there will be one.


Predictions and Speculations


Will Drake respond with a diss track of his own?

Will this reignite tensions with other rappers who have taken aim at Drake recently?

Could this be the beginning of a full-blown diss track war?




Is We Still Don’t Trust You a diss album towards Drake?

While it’s not solely focused on Drake, the album title and the surprise rap tracks heavily imply ongoing tension between Future/Metro and Drake.


Is there a HNDRXX sequel on the album?

Yes, the R&B portion of the album is considered a spiritual successor to Future’s critically acclaimed 2017 release.


How many rap songs are on We Still Don’t Trust You?

The album includes six new rap songs hidden within the R&B section.


What is the overall critical reception of the album?

Reviews are generally positive, with praise for both the R&B section and the surprise rap tracks.


Will Drake respond to the diss tracks?

There’s no official word, but the hip-hop community is eagerly waiting to see what he does next.


Is this the end of the Drake vs. the Universe beef?

Highly unlikely. This surprise album is likely to further escalate tensions.


Where can I listen to We Still Don’t Trust You?

The album is available on all major streaming platforms.


What are some other rappers who have recently dissed Drake?

Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and A$AP Rocky have all taken aim at Drake in recent releases.


Is this good for hip-hop?

Whether it’s good or bad is subjective, but it’s definitely generating a lot of buzz and keeping the genre interesting.


What will happen next?

Only time will tell how this ongoing saga unfolds. Stay tuned for further updates!


Finally on the board

Future and Metro Boomin have masterfully manipulated the narrative with We Still Don’t Trust You. The unexpected R&B turn combined with the surprise rap tracks have solidified their position as one of hip-hop’s most dynamic duos.  This double album is a testament to their creative versatility and their ability to keep fans guessing.  While the Drake drama continues, We Still Don’t Trust You ultimately offers a compelling musical experience that caters to both R&B enthusiasts and rap fans alike.  It’s a win for fans of good music and a sign that Future and Metro Boomin are far from finished leaving their mark on the genre.


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