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Disappointment filled the airwaves on Sunday night as CBS’s broadcast of Billy Joel’s historic 100th residency concert at Madison Square Garden was abruptly cut short. The highly anticipated special, titled “The 100th: Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden – The Greatest Arena Run of All Time,” left fans fuming after it was interrupted during a pivotal moment in Joel’s signature song, “Piano Man.”

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Piano Man: What Happened During the Broadcast?

Billy Joel’s residency at Madison Square Garden has been a legendary chapter in music history. Spanning over a decade, it culminated in a momentous 100th show on April 14, 2024.  This milestone concert was slated to be broadcast nationally on CBS, marking Joel’s first televised concert on a major network.  However, viewers’ excitement turned to frustration when the program was cut short, leaving a sour note for fans eager to witness the full performance.

The special was initially delayed by 30 minutes due to the final round of the 2024 Masters Tournament. This unexpected delay pushed back the start of the concert on CBS.  Unfortunately, the network’s scheduling woes didn’t end there. As Billy Joel launched into his iconic “Piano Man,” a mainstay of his setlist, the broadcast was abruptly cut off just as the song reached its climax.  Local news programming preempted the remainder of the concert, leaving viewers in the dark about the rest of the performance.


Fan Frustration and Online Outcry


Social media erupted with outrage from disappointed fans.  The hashtag #CBSOwesUsPianoMan quickly gained traction, with viewers expressing their frustration at missing the iconic song’s conclusion.  Many criticized CBS for poor scheduling, particularly since the concert’s significance was well-known in advance.


CBS Responds: Apologies and Potential Solutions

In a statement released Monday morning, CBS acknowledged the scheduling mishap and apologized to viewers.  The network promised to re-air the full, uncut concert at a later date.  Details regarding the rebroadcast haven’t been announced yet, but fans are hopeful they will finally get to see the complete performance.


Here’s a comparison with similar situations

In comparing this incident to past disruptions, it’s worth noting a similar occurrence in 2022 when an NFL game went into overtime, leading to delays for primetime shows. However, the intensity of the backlash this time around appears notably heightened. This heightened response likely stems from the unique significance of Billy Joel’s 100th residency concert, a once-in-a-lifetime event for fans and music enthusiasts alike.


Looking Ahead: Predictions and Speculation

The internet continues to buzz with speculation about the future of Billy Joel’s residency.  With just three more shows remaining, some fans are worried about potential scheduling conflicts impacting the broadcasts.  However, most remain optimistic, hoping CBS will prioritize the remaining performances and ensure a smooth viewing experience.


Here are some predictions from industry experts


Full Concert Rebroadcast: Most experts believe CBS will prioritize a rebroadcast of the complete 100th residency concert. The exact date and time are yet to be announced.

Increased Viewership for Remaining Shows: The controversy surrounding the initial broadcast might lead to increased viewership for the remaining three residency shows. Fans eager to see the entire performance might tune in live to avoid further disappointment.

Streaming Availability: There’s a possibility that the remaining shows could be streamed live or made available on-demand through Paramount+, CBS’s streaming platform.


FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About the Billy Joel Residency Special Cut Short


  1. What happened with the Billy Joel concert on CBS?


The broadcast of Billy Joel’s 100th residency concert was cut short during his performance of “Piano Man” due to scheduling conflicts.


  1. Will the full concert be re-aired?


CBS has apologized and promised to re-air the full concert at a later date.  Details regarding the rebroadcast haven’t been announced yet.


  1. When are the remaining Billy Joel residency shows?


Three shows remain in Billy Joel’s residency at Madison Square Garden, scheduled for May 9th, 17th, and 25th, 2024.


  1. How can I watch the remaining shows?


The shows will likely be broadcast live on CBS, with potential


  1. Will the remaining shows be streamed online?


There’s a possibility that the remaining shows could be streamed live or made available on-demand through Paramount+.  An official announcement from CBS is awaited.


  1. Can I still buy tickets to see Billy Joel live?


Tickets for the remaining residency shows might be available on secondary marketplaces, but due to their limited nature, expect them to be sold out or priced very high.


  1. What other songs did Billy Joel perform at the 100th residency concert?


An official setlist hasn’t been released, but based on previous concerts in the residency, Billy Joel likely performed a mix of his greatest hits, including classics like “Uptown Girl,” “She’s Always a Woman,” and “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”


  1. Will there be a recording of the full concert available for purchase?


There’s no official confirmation yet, but it’s possible that a live recording of the full 100th residency concert, including the uncut “Piano Man” performance, could be released on CD, vinyl, or digital platforms at a later date.


  1. Is there a way to express my disappointment to CBS?


You can express your frustration by contacting CBS directly through their website or social media channels.  Using the hashtag #CBSOwesUsPianoMan on social media might also help raise awareness about the issue.


  1. Will this incident affect Billy Joel‘s future residencies?


It’s unlikely.  Billy Joel’s residency at Madison Square Garden has been a tremendous success, and this scheduling mishap shouldn’t tarnish his legacy.



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