Inspiring Insights of Brittany Brown’s Journey


Inspiring Insights of Brittany Brown’s Journey

Brittany Brown’s journey from being a stay-at-home mom to a successful accounting entrepreneur is inspiring. In 2005, after her husband left, she was left to take care of their three children with no viable source of income. Brown decided to go back to school, enrolling at Utah Valley University, using child-support payments to keep the family afloat. She was studying marketing until a professor suggested she pursue accounting, as it would pay better and be more flexible, with more opportunities. Brown took the advice and enrolled in BYU’s accounting program, which was rigorous. After graduation, she was recruited by the top four accounting firms in the country but accepted an offer at Squire, which allowed her to work part-time while raising her children.

While attending an accounting conference at Squire, Brown learned about the future of the industry being digital and remote. She realized she could build an entire firm of remote workers, enabling her to work from home while still raising her children. Brown founded LedgerGurus, a company that allows organizations to outsource their bookkeeping and employs primarily women. Her firm is now a multimillion-dollar e-commerce accounting firm.

Brown’s story is one of resilience, perseverance, and resourcefulness. Despite her circumstances, she refused to give up and instead found a way to pave a new career path for herself and many other women and primary caregivers. Her journey is an inspiration to anyone who is facing tough times and needs to make a significant pivot in their life.

Biography & Networth

Brittany Brown is a successful entrepreneur and founder of LedgerGurus, a multi-million dollar e-commerce accounting firm based in Orem, Utah. Brown’s story of success is one of determination and perseverance in the face of challenging circumstances.

Born in Utah, Brown became a single mother at the age of 26 after her husband left her with three young children. Struggling to provide for her family, Brown returned to school at Utah Valley University and enrolled her children in the university’s childcare center. A professor suggested she pursue accounting, which Brown found she had a natural talent for.

Despite the challenges of being a single parent and student, Brown was accepted into Brigham Young University’s highly competitive accounting program and graduated in 2010. She received offers from top accounting firms but opted to work part-time at a local firm to balance her responsibilities as a mother.

While working at the firm, Brown attended an accounting conference and realized that the future of the industry was digital. She saw an opportunity to build a remote accounting firm and founded LedgerGurus in 2012. Today, LedgerGurus employs primarily women and provides outsourced bookkeeping services to organizations across the country.

Brown’s net worth is not publicly available, but her success as an entrepreneur and CEO of a multi-million dollar firm suggests that she has achieved significant financial success. More importantly, her story serves as an inspiration to others, particularly single mothers and women seeking to break into male-dominated industries.

Forecasting Brittany Brown’s Future

One way they accomplish this is by offering flexible scheduling options for their employees, half of whom work part-time and many of whom are primary caregivers for their families. This allows caregivers to balance their home life while still progressing their skills and staying relevant in the industry.

LedgerGurus has a high employee retention rate and overwhelmingly positive employee satisfaction numbers, which Brown attributes to the accommodating work environment they offer. She sees many capable individuals with small children at home as the future of the industry.

Initially, Brown felt too young and inexperienced to run the organization. However, when a personnel issue arose, she was able to handle it with ease, realizing that she had innate strengths and abilities that were key to the company’s success. This experience confirmed that she was right where she was supposed to be.

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