Diving into the Magical Depths with The Little Mermaid


the little mermaid 2023

Diving into the Magical Depths with The Little Mermaid


Disney’s live-action remakes have become a staple in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with their modern take on beloved animated classics. Among these adaptations is the highly anticipated remake of “The Little Mermaid,” directed by Rob Marshall. While staying true to the essence of the 1989 animated film, this new rendition expands upon the original story, expressing love and reverence for the timeless tale. However, it also highlights the challenges that arise when VFX-heavy features fail to establish a consistent and thought-out reality.


The Enduring Story of “The Little Mermaid”

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s 1837 fairytale, “The Little Mermaid” has enchanted audiences for generations. The tale follows the young and curious mermaid, Ariel, portrayed by the talented Halle Bailey. It explores her yearning for adventure beyond the sea and her journey to become human after making a deal with the sea witch, Ursula, skillfully portrayed by Melissa McCarthy. Disney’s animated adaptation of this classic story captured the hearts of millions and set the stage for the live-action remake.


Embracing Diversity in the Cast

The casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel initially sparked controversy and unjustified complaints. However, the film’s production moved forward, allowing audiences to witness the talent and star quality that Bailey brings to the role. This diverse casting decision has been praised by many, highlighting the importance of representation in the industry. Bailey’s performance has proven her exceptional vocal and acting abilities, dispelling any doubts and solidifying her place as the perfect choice for the iconic character.


Evolution of the Story and Characters

In this updated version, the film delves deeper into the relationship between Ariel and her father, King Triton, portrayed by Javier Bardem. Unlike the 1989 animated film, which provided minimal information about Ariel’s mother, the live-action remake explores her tragic off-screen death at the hands of humans. This event becomes a catalyst for Triton’s fear and distrust of the human world, creating a dynamic conflict between him and Ariel. This addition adds depth to the narrative and enriches the characters’ motivations.


Crafting Believable Underwater Realms

“The Little Mermaid” enters the realm of underwater fantasy, presenting an opportunity to create a visually stunning world that feels authentic and alive. Comparisons with other aquatic films like “Aquaman,” “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” and “Avatar: The Way of Water” reveals the importance of creating immersive and believable underwater environments. Realism in these settings relies on fine details, such as the interaction of light, water, and characters’ physical attributes. The success of these elements depends on meticulous attention to detail, which contributes to the overall sense of realism and immersion.


The Fine Balance Between Fantasy and Reality

While the film captivates viewers with its fantastical elements, it also faces the challenge of maintaining a consistent and thought-out reality. Creating a fictional world requires careful consideration of its internal logic and rules. When these elements align seamlessly, the story feels grounded and genuine, transcending its otherworldly nature. “The Little Mermaid” strives to strike this balance, blending fantasy and reality to create an immersive experience for audiences.


Delving the Magical Blue Depths

As audiences eagerly awaited the release of “The Little Mermaid,” it’s important to appreciate the care and craftsmanship that went into this live-action remake. While staying true to the beats of the 1989 animated film, the movie expands upon the story, delving into the complexities of Ariel’s relationship with her father and the tragedy that shapes their views on humanity.

Halle Bailey
Halle Bailey


The casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel, despite the initial controversy, showcases Disney’s commitment to diversity and representation. Bailey’s undeniable talent and powerful voice make her the perfect fit for the iconic role. Her portrayal of Ariel is sure to captivate audiences and breathe new life into the beloved character.

Creating an underwater world that feels authentic and alive is no small feat. Drawing inspiration from other aquatic films, “The Little Mermaid” strives to transport viewers to a captivating and believable realm. The attention to detail in capturing the interaction between light, water, and the characters’ physical attributes adds to the film’s realism and enhances the audience’s immersion in the story.

However, the success of a fantasy film like “The Little Mermaid” relies on more than just visual effects and technical wizardry. It also hinges on the careful construction of a consistent and thought-out reality. By establishing a set of rules and internal logic for the fictional world, the film creates a framework that allows audiences to suspend disbelief and become fully engrossed in the story.


“The Little Mermaid” is the best example of Disney’s ability to honor the magic of the original animated film while expanding upon it in meaningful ways. The casting of Halle Bailey showcases the importance of representation in the industry, and her talent shines through in her portrayal of Ariel. The film’s dedication to creating believable underwater realms highlights the meticulous attention to detail required to make a fantasy world feel authentic. As fans eagerly await its release, “The Little Mermaid” promises to be a visually stunning and emotionally resonant journey that captures the hearts of both longtime fans and new audiences alike.


the little mermaid 2023
the little mermaid 2023



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