The Gift of Life: Elliot Grainge, 30 Sofia Richie, 25 and Their Bundle of Joy

Elliot Grainge & Sofia Richie Grainge: Awaiting the Arrival of a Gemini Baby

Sofia Richie, the renowned 25-year-old model and fashion influencer, recently disclosed her joyous expectation of welcoming her first child with husband Elliot Grainge in an exclusive interview with Vogue. This revelation was accompanied by a captivating photoshoot showcasing the radiant mother-to-be, elegantly flaunting her blossoming baby bump in various poses, emphasizing the beauty of impending motherhood.

Eelliott Grainge

A Surprise Announcement and Gender Revelation

The news of Sofia’s pregnancy was shared with the world through a heartwarming Instagram post captioned, “And then there were three,” featuring a black-and-white photo capturing the blissful couple. The interview shed light on the unexpected revelation of the baby’s gender— a girl, set to make her entrance into the world during the Gemini season, encompassing the period from May 21 to June 20.


The ‘JoyFul’ Moment

Sofia Richie Grainge’s pregnancy journey commenced with early realizations during a trip to Milan for a fashion week. Feeling uncharacteristically “terrible” and attributing it to potential jet lag, Sofia decided to take a pregnancy test upon her return to Los Angeles. Her intuition proved right, and she discovered she was pregnant, prompting an array of emotions and reflections on the transformative nature of impending motherhood.


Cherishing the Unexpected

Despite initially thinking it was a “boozy” night, Sofia’s cautious approach led to the revelation of her pregnancy. In an intimate moment with her husband, Elliot Grainge, the couple uncovered the positive results together. The journey to parenthood began, filled with excitement, tears, and a newfound appreciation for the mysteries of life.

elliott grainge

A Private Affair: Elliot Grainge & Sofia Richie

Understanding the delicate nature of pregnancy, Sofia and Elliot opted to keep the news under wraps initially. The couple cherished the privacy surrounding this significant life event, gradually sharing the news with their parents around the eighth week of pregnancy. Sofia recounted the heartwarming moment of revealing the news to their parents through a creatively packaged box, turning what seemed like an expensive present into the announcement of a grandchild.


The Profound Learnings of Motherhood

elliott grainge

Image Credits: Vogue

As Sofia Richie Grainge navigates the exhilarating journey of pregnancy, she reflects on the profound lessons learned in the past six months. The interview highlights her awe at the capabilities of the female body, emphasizing the constant evolution experienced each week. Sofia’s sentiments echo the sentiment that every hormonal shift and physical change brings unparalleled depth to the overall experience.


Congratulations are for the soon-to-be parents, Sofia Richie Grainge and Elliot Grainge, as they eagerly anticipate the arrival of their Gemini baby. The journey, marked by surprises, love, and growth, unfolds as a testament to the transformative power of parenthood.




Q: When did Sofia Richie Grainge announce her pregnancy?


A: Sofia Richie Grainge shared the joyous news of her pregnancy in an exclusive interview with Vogue, which was published on January 25.

Q: What gender is Sofia and Elliot Grainge’s upcoming baby?


A: The couple is expecting a baby girl, as revealed by Sofia Richie Grainge during the Vogue interview. The due date is around the Gemini season, from May 21 to June 20.

Q: How did Sofia Richie discover she was pregnant?


A: Sofia Richie Grainge found out about her pregnancy during a trip to Milan for fashion week. Feeling unwell, she decided to take a pregnancy test upon returning to Los Angeles, discovering the exciting news early in the process.

Q: How did Sofia and Elliot Grainge decide to share the pregnancy news with their parents?


A: Sofia and Elliot chose a creative approach to reveal the pregnancy to their parents. They presented a gift box during a family gathering, initially perceived as an expensive present, which turned out to contain all three positive pregnancy tests.

Q: Why did Sofia Richie Grainge and Elliot initially keep the pregnancy private?


A: The couple decided to keep the pregnancy news private initially due to the inherent uncertainties and challenges of early pregnancy. They valued the sacred space around this significant life event and gradually shared the joy with their close circle as the pregnancy progressed.


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