Feb 3 Dawn: US Retaliation Against Syria and Iran At Par

US Strikes Back Again :

These recent U.S. attacks evoke echoes of historical tensions in the region, reminiscent of geopolitical chess moves. Anbar province, historically significant for its role in Iraq’s complex past, now finds itself once again at the center of a power struggle. Deir ez-Zor, a Syrian governorate with a storied history, becomes a focal point in the contemporary geopolitical landscape.


As Charles Lister reflects on the expansive military action, it resonates with historical precedents of interventions and struggles for influence in the region. The significance of tonight’s strikes underscores a complex narrative dating back decades, with various players vying for control and asserting their interests.


The exclusion of certain Iranian facilities in this initial phase harkens back to a nuanced history of diplomatic maneuvers and strategic considerations. It’s a page torn from the playbook of geopolitical calculations, reminiscent of past confrontations and carefully chosen battlegrounds.


The absence of communication between the U.S. and Iran, a silence reminiscent of historical diplomatic freezes, adds another layer to the unfolding drama. This lack of dialogue hearkens back to moments in history when strained relationships escalated into larger conflicts, emphasizing the gravity of the current situation.


  1. As President Joe Biden stands witness to the dignified transfer of fallen soldiers, it draws parallels to past leaders grappling with the consequences of military actions. The historical weight of such moments, where leaders bear the solemn duty of sending troops into complex geopolitical landscapes, adds a somber tone to the unfolding events.

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