When will Fortnite be back up? Maintenance for Chapter 5: Season 2 expected to take longer


Fortnite, a widely popular online video game, is currently in the spotlight as players eagerly await the launch of Chapter 5: Season 2. However, the excitement has been temporarily halted due to unexpected server downtime, leaving players wondering when they can dive back into their virtual adventures.


Fortnite Server Maintenance Schedule


The scheduled maintenance window for Fortnite was initially set from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. UTC, corresponding to 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. CT on Friday. Unfortunately, the latest update reveals an extension of the maintenance period by an additional eight hours. EpicGames, the owner of Fortnite, issued an apology for the delay, assuring players that the development team is working diligently to resolve the issue.


Fortnite Status Update


In a post from Fortnite Status on X, the team acknowledged the extended downtime and expressed regret for making players wait longer than anticipated. The post conveyed their commitment to providing regular updates as they work swiftly to address the challenges encountered during maintenance.


Apple’s Reversal on Epic Games Ban


In a surprising turn of events, Apple has decided to allow Epic Games to launch its own app store in Europe, overturning a previous ban. This decision has significant implications as it means Fortnite will once again be available on iPhones in Europe, marking the end of its unavailability since 2020.


Epic Games’ Response to Apple’s Decision


Epic Games responded to Apple’s decision in a blog post, stating that Apple has committed to reinstating their developer account. This move is seen as a positive signal for developers, indicating that the European Commission is prepared to enforce the newly established Digital Markets Act to hold digital gatekeepers accountable.


European Commission’s Involvement


The European Commission, in response to the situation, has initiated an investigation into Apple’s decision. Thierry Breton, a top EU commissioner, emphasized the importance of preventing threats by gatekeepers and identified Epic’s complaint as a matter of priority.


EU Digital Markets Act and its Requirements


The new Digital Markets Act in the European Union requires app stores to allow app downloads from third-party sources. Apple’s solution to comply with this rule involves a system that enables developers to create self-contained app marketplaces within iOS.


Epic’s Complaint and Apple’s Alleged Reasons


Epic Games has accused Apple of revoking its approval of a developer account due to past criticism and intentional breaches of Apple’s terms to expose anticompetitive behavior. Published emails suggest Apple’s expectations of intentional breaches, even after Epic’s commitment to adhere to their terms.


Fortnite’s Return After Extended Downtime


Despite the server challenges, Fortnite is set to return with the launch of Myths & Mortals, Chapter 5: Season 2. The initial downtime extended by at least 8 additional hours was necessary due to an unexpected issue during maintenance.


Unexpected Issue During Maintenance


Fortnite Status, in a Twitter post, explained the extension, citing an “unexpected issue” encountered during maintenance. The team apologized for the inconvenience caused and assured players that they were actively working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


Working Through the Issue


Fortnite Status provided updates on ongoing efforts to resolve the unexpected issue, emphasizing the team’s dedication to ensuring a swift resolution. Players are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates as the maintenance progresses.

The Fortnite community is navigating through a period of unexpected challenges, from extended server downtime to Apple’s reversal on the Epic Games ban. Despite these hurdles, the commitment from both EpicGames and Apple to address issues promptly offers hope for a swift resolution, allowing players to immerse themselves in the eagerly awaited Chapter 5: Season 2.




Q: Why is Fortnite experiencing extended downtime?


A: Fortnite is facing an unexpected issue during scheduled maintenance, requiring additional time to address.

Q: How long will the maintenance last?


A: The initial schedule was extended by at least 8 additional hours, but updates are expected as the team works to resolve the issue.

Q: What is the significance of Apple’s decision to allow Epic Games back on iOS?


A: Apple’s reversal means Fortnite will be available on iPhones in Europe, marking the end of its unavailability since 2020.

Q: What is the Digital Markets Act, and how does it relate to Apple’s decisions?


A: The Digital Markets Act requires app stores to allow third-party app downloads, influencing Apple’s approach to comply with the new rule.

Q: How is the European Commission involved in the situation?


A: The European Commission is investigating Apple’s decision, highlighting the importance of preventing threats by digital gatekeepers and prioritizing Epic’s complaint.

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