Hanseroth Twins Parted Brandi Carlile for a New Musical Journey: “Our Aim? Crafting Beauty, Not Conquering the World” (EXCLUSIVE)


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For fans of Brandi Carlile, the mesmerizing harmonies she shares with the Hanseroth Twins have long been a hallmark. Yet, curiosity arises: what would their dynamic be like as a duo? Would Phil and Tim Hanseroth shine as brightly as lead vocalists, given their acclaim as harmonizers in contemporary pop?


Stepping into the Spotlight Brandi Carlile


The answer to that question isn’t entirely elusive. Carlile has occasionally stepped aside during performances, allowing the Hanseroths to take center stage with renditions of classics like Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” or the Everly Brothers’ “Love Hurts.” However, it’s only now, after years of contributing to the Brandi Carlile band, that Phil and Tim step forward as lead singers with original material. This shift comes with the release of “Remember Me,” their debut single preceding a full-length Hanseroth Twins album slated for late summer.


Maintaining Musical Bonds


This new venture doesn’t signal the dissolution of the longstanding Carlile band. This was evident when, on Thursday night, the twins opened for themselves for the first time, delivering a brief Hanseroth Twins set before supporting Carlile at the Anthem in Washington, D.C. Ahead of their performance, they sat down with Variety for a Zoom call, shedding light on their decision to embark on this solo project.


Navigating New Territory


Tim Hanseroth reflects Brandi’s analogy, describing their musical journey as a triangle, with Carlile at the apex and the twins below, now exploring a triangle of their own where they take the lead, supported by Carlile. Despite their established roles as backup singers in the Carlile band, the twins find themselves drawn back to the forefront, a prospect that’s both exhilarating and daunting.


Embracing Humility


Their humility belies their talent, as they’ve been lauded for their vocal prowess over the past two decades. Carlile herself has praised their abilities, acknowledging their versatility in reaching a wide vocal range. Yet, hearing their voices take center stage promises to be a revelation, even for themselves, after years of complementing Carlile’s vocals.


Crafting the Album


Their forthcoming album is taking shape rapidly after two decades of collaboration. “Remember Me” emerged as their first completed studio track, catching the attention of Elektra Records’ president Gregg Nadel, who swiftly greenlit the project. With a late summer release date in sight, the twins find themselves with ample studio time, allowing them to craft their album meticulously.


Embracing Personal Expression


The idea of a solo project was initially discussed during the pandemic but gained traction when Carlile encouraged them to pursue it, recognizing the value in their creative exploration. Their songwriting process, previously collaborative with Carlile, now delves into more personal expression, evident in tracks like “Remember Me,” which reflects their experiences as fathers.


Balancing Collaborations


While their focus is on their solo endeavor, the Hanseroths remain committed to their collaborations, including Carlile’s upcoming performances. However, with a late summer album release on the horizon, they envision the possibility of their own tour dates, albeit with a more measured approach. Their goal remains simple: to share something beautiful that resonates deeply with their audience.


FAQs about Hanseroth Twins’ Side Project:


Q: Who are the Hanseroth Twins?

A: The Hanseroth Twins, Phillip John and Timothy Jay Hanseroth, are twin musicians renowned for their roles as bassist and guitarist, as well as songwriters, in Brandi Carlile’s band. They have also won three Grammy Awards for their collaborations with Carlile.


Q: What is the side project they are branching off for?

A: The Hanseroth Twins are embarking on a new side project where they will step into the spotlight as lead singers and songwriters, apart from their work with Brandi Carlile.


Q: What is the motivation behind their side project?

A: According to the twins, their motivation is not centered around achieving global dominance but rather about creating something beautiful that resonates with people.


Q: Will this side project affect their collaboration with Brandi Carlile?

A: No, their side project does not signify a breakup from the Brandi Carlile band. They will continue to collaborate with Carlile while pursuing their own musical endeavors.


Q: What kind of music can we expect from their side project?

A: The twins’ side project is expected to showcase their distinct voices and songwriting styles, possibly leaning towards original material with two-part harmonies.


Q: When can we expect to hear their debut single and album?

A: Their debut single, “Remember Me,” has already been released, with an album expected to follow in late summer.


Q: Are there any upcoming performances or tours related to their side project?

A: While specific tour dates for their side project have not been announced yet, the twins will likely incorporate some solo performances around the release of their album, alongside their commitments with Brandi Carlile.


Q: How do they feel about their solo venture?

A: The twins express a mix of excitement and humility about stepping into the forefront as lead singers, acknowledging the support and encouragement they’ve received from Brandi Carlile and fans.


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