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The world of hip-hop was left reeling just days ago when J. Cole seemingly reignited his lyrical feud with Kendrick Lamar on the surprise album “Might Delete Later.” The closing track, “7 Minute Drill,” contained pointed bars aimed at Lamar, responding to earlier comments the Compton rapper made about surpassing both Cole and Drake. However, in a surprising turn of events, J. Cole has publicly apologized for the diss track.

J. Cole


From Diss to Regret: A Timeline of the J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar Exchange

The recent back-and-forth between J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar has captivated hip-hop fans. Here’s a breakdown of the key moments:

  • February 2024: Kendrick Lamar releases a track, “Like That,” containing lyrics interpreted as a slight towards both J. Cole and Drake, suggesting they are past their prime.
  • April 5, 2024: J. Cole drops his surprise album “Might Delete Later.” The closing track, “7 Minute Drill,” features bars seemingly aimed at Lamar, questioning his lyrical prowess and legacy.
  • April 7, 2024: Performing at his Dreamville Festival, J. Cole apologizes for the diss track, calling it “lame” and expressing his respect for Lamar’s talent.

Cole’s Confession: Why the Apology?

  1. Cole’s on-stage apology offered several insights into his motivation:
  • Internal Conflict: Cole admitted feeling conflicted about responding to Lamar with a diss track, stating it disrupted his peace and didn’t align with his values.
  • Respect for Lamar’s Craft: Despite the initial diss, Cole acknowledged Lamar’s immense talent and encouraged the crowd to celebrate him.
  • Regret for the Fuel: Cole expressed remorse for potentially creating negativity within the hip-hop community.


Fan Reactions: Divided Opinions


The internet buzzed with reactions to Cole’s apology. Here’s a glimpse into the diverse perspectives:

  • Applauding Maturity: Many fans praised Cole for taking responsibility and prioritizing respect within the genre.
  • Confused by the Flip-Flop: Some questioned the sudden change of heart, suggesting the apology felt inauthentic.
  • Calls for Collaboration: Fans expressed a desire to see Cole and Lamar collaborate on a track instead of competing.


Will There Be a Response from Kendrick Lamar?


As of today, Kendrick Lamar has not publicly addressed J. Cole’s apology. Here are some possibilities:

  • Maintaining Silence: Lamar might choose not to engage further, letting the apology stand.
  • Subliminal Jabs: He could potentially respond with subtle references in future music.
  • A Public Response: Lamar might directly address the situation in an interview or on a future track.

Cole Apologizes for Kendrick Lamar Diss Track: 8 FAQs


Here are some of the burning questions fans have regarding the situation:

  1. What exactly did J. Cole say in the diss track?

“7 Minute Drill” features lyrics questioning Lamar’s lyrical depth and impact compared to Cole’s own legacy.


  1. Did J. Cole remove “7 Minute Drill” from streaming services?

There hasn’t been any official announcement, but Cole expressed a desire to potentially edit or remove the track.


  1. Does this mean the feud is over?

It’s unclear. Cole’s apology creates a more positive atmosphere, but Lamar’s response remains to be seen.


  1. Have J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar ever collaborated before?

No, although they’ve shown each other respect in past interviews.


  1. What is the significance of this situation for hip-hop?

It highlights the importance of healthy competition within the genre and the potential for reconciliation.


  1. Could this lead to a future collaboration between them?

The door is certainly open after Cole’s apology. A collaboration could be a huge win for fans.


  1. Who “won” the lyrical exchange?

There’s no clear winner in a creative battle. Both rappers displayed their skills, and ultimately, the music is what matters.


  1. How has this impacted J. Cole’s reputation?

The apology might have helped temper any negativity caused by the diss track.


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