Luka Doncic’s Decoy Dance: Why Blitzing the NBA’s #1 Doubled Star is a Fool’s Gambit

Luka Doncic

Doncic and The Decoy: Why Blitzing Luka Might Be a Big Mistake

Opposing teams are employing every defensive tactic imaginable against Luka Doncic, widely recognized as the NBA’s most heavily targeted player. However, LeBron James suggests that this approach could fail unexpectedly, resulting in unintended consequences.


The Luka Doncic Dilemma: Maestro with a Loaded Court


Luka Doncic is on fire. The Dallas Mavericks superstar is averaging a league-leading 33.9 points a game and leading his team on a blistering 9-1 run.  This scoring machine presents a massive problem for defenses – do you double-team him and risk leaving shooters open, or play him straight-up and hope to contain his scoring prowess?


LeBron James, fresh off a triple-double himself, recently discussed this dilemma on “Mind The Game” with J.J. Redick. When Redick revealed Doncic is the most blitzed player in the league, James scoffed, attributing it to his own ability to make the right reads against such a strategy.


“Because I make all the right reads,” James explained. “It’s that simple. Teams know they can’t blitz me in the pick-and-roll.”


The logic is sound. Blitzing forces a quicker decision, but for an elite playmaker like James or Doncic, it opens up opportunities for teammates. Redick agreed, highlighting Doncic’s elite passing ability: “Luka… he’s one of the handful of guys who can make any pass against the double-team.”


The Danger of Disrespecting the Court


Blitzing Doncic might seem like a good strategy on paper, but it can backfire in spectacular fashion. Think of Doncic as a chess grandmaster. Blitzing him is like rushing a pawn move – a skilled player will see it coming and exploit the weaknesses in your strategy.


Remember the blowout win against the Kings? Doncic put up a solid 28 points, but it was the red-hot shooting of Tim Hardaway Jr. and P.J. Washington from beyond the arc (a combined 8-12 from three!) that sealed the deal.


This is the true danger of overplaying Doncic. While you might contain him momentarily, it leaves Kyrie Irving and other talented shooters wide open. It becomes a “pick your poison” scenario for opposing teams.


The takeaway? Don’t underestimate the supporting cast. While Doncic is the star attraction, the Dallas roster boasts a deep well of talent. If teams keep focusing solely on Doncic, the playoffs could become a coming-out party for the red-hot Mavs and their sharpshooters. Buckle up, NBA fans, because Luka and company might be cooking up a special postseason surprise.



Why is Luka Doncic blitzed so much?

Doncic is the most blitzed player in the NBA because of his incredible scoring ability and playmaking skills. Teams hope to disrupt his rhythm and force tougher decisions.


Does blitzing Doncic work?

According to LeBron James and some analysts, it can backfire. Doncic is an elite passer who can exploit the gaps created by a blitz, finding open teammates for easy shots.


What’s the danger of blitzing Doncic?

Leaving shooters like Tim Hardaway Jr. and Kyrie Irving open for three-pointers. This creates a “pick your poison” scenario for defenses – focus on Doncic and risk open threes, or guard the shooters and let Doncic attack.


What’s LeBron James’ opinion on blitzing Doncic?

James believes it’s a mistake because elite players like him and Doncic can make the right reads and find open teammates.


What’s the alternative to blitzing Doncic?

Strong on-ball defense and rotations that can contain Doncic without leaving shooters open.


How has Dallas capitalized on teams blitzing Doncic?

By having talented shooters like Hardaway and Irving who can punish teams for overplaying Doncic.


Could this strategy be a problem for teams in the playoffs?

Yes, if the Mavs’ role players continue to shoot well and exploit the openings created by blitzing Doncic, it could be a major advantage for Dallas in the postseason.


Who else gets blitzed a lot in the NBA?

Other elite playmakers like Trae Young and James Harden are also frequently blitzed, for similar reasons as Doncic.


Is there a historical example of a team successfully blitzing a superstar?

The “Hack-a-Shaq” strategy used against Shaquille O’Neal involved intentionally fouling him to force free throws, which was somewhat successful. However, rule changes have made this strategy less effective.


What’s the takeaway from the Doncic blitzing strategy?

Respect the supporting cast! While Doncic is a superstar, his teammates can hurt you if you overfocus on him. Teams need to find a defensive balance that can contain both Doncic and his teammates.




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