Mets News: Can they bounce back in 2024?

Mets News

New York Mets fans hoping for a smooth start to the 2024 season got more than they bargained for in the home opener against the Milwaukee Brewers.  Mets news was dominated by a benches-clearing brawl in the eighth inning, sparked by a controversial slide from Brewers’ Rhys Hoskins (formerly of the Phillies).  This incident throws a spotlight on the ongoing debate about aggressive slides and player safety, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle for the Mets as they chase a return to the playoffs.


Mets News: Brawl Erupts Over Questionable Slide

The game was tied in the bottom of the eighth when the drama unfolded.  With a runner on first, Brewers’ batter Willy Adames grounded out. Mets’ third baseman Brett Baty fielded the ball and fired a throw to second baseman Jeff McNeil for a potential double play.  Here’s where Mets news takes a turn.  As Hoskins slid into second to break up the play, McNeil took umbrage with the forcefulness of the slide, believing it targeted him rather than the base.  This sparked a heated exchange, with both benches and bullpens emptying onto the field.  Thankfully, order was restored quickly, but the incident left its mark.


The heart of the controversy lies in the interpretation of  MLB’s “bona fide slide” rule.  While replays showed Hoskins technically met all the criteria – making ground contact before the base, touching the base, staying on it after the slide (except at home plate), and not altering his path to hit the fielder – the Mets felt the intent behind the slide was dirty.  This reignites the debate about the effectiveness of the current rule in protecting infielders from injuries caused by overly aggressive baserunning.


Mets News: Cohen’s Optimism Despite Roster Shakeup

Despite the opening day brawl and a forgettable 2023 season that saw the Mets miss the playoffs despite a record-breaking payroll, team owner Steve Cohen remains optimistic.  He acknowledged the pressure to win but expressed confidence in the team’s revamped roster, including the late-season acquisition of veteran slugger J.D. Martinez.  Cohen’s stated goal for the 2024 Mets?  A return to the playoffs.


However, Cohen also emphasized the importance of financial responsibility.  After leading Major League Baseball in payroll last year, the Mets have adopted a more measured approach in 2024.  This shift reflects a desire to build a team for sustainable success rather than a one-shot attempt at glory.


Mets News: Can New York Bounce Back and Make a Playoff Run?

The 2024 season is a pivotal one for the Mets.  With a new president of baseball operations, David Stearns, a rookie manager in Carlos Mendoza, and a revamped roster, the team has a chance to course-correct.  The pressure to win is on, and Cohen’s playoff goal adds another layer of expectation.  While some fans may be impatient for immediate results, Cohen’s focus on long-term sustainability is a welcome change for others who remember the disappointment of 2023.


Mets News will be tracking the team’s progress closely throughout the season.  Can the Mets overcome the opening-day drama and regain their footing as a playoff contender?  Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure –  the 2024 season promises to be an exciting rollercoaster ride for Mets fans in New York.


Mets News FAQs


What happened during the Mets’ home opener?


A benches-clearing brawl erupted in the eighth inning after a hard slide by Brewers’ Rhys Hoskins into second base. Mets’ Jeff McNeil believed the slide was dirty, sparking the altercation.


Was the slide legal?


Yes, replays showed Hoskins followed the MLB “bona fide slide” rule by making ground contact before the base, touching the base, staying on it after the slide (except for home plate), and not changing his path to hit the fielder.


What is Steve Cohen’s goal for the Mets?


Steve Cohen’s goal is for the Mets to return to the playoffs and be competitive year after year.


How are the Mets approaching their finances in 2024?


After leading MLB in payroll last year, the Mets are taking a more measured approach in 2024, focusing on building a sustainable winning team rather than just throwing money at the problem.



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