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Met Gala 2024 News: Millie Bobby Brown, the powerhouse actress who rocketed to fame on the back of Netflix’s megahit “Stranger Things,” was a surprising no-show at the 2024 Met Gala. Fans eagerly awaited her red carpet debut, but alas, Eleven stayed home this year. So, what caused this fashion-forward teen to skip the biggest night in fashion?

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From Child Star to Fashion Icon: Millie Bobby Brown’s Evolving Style


Brown’s absence can be attributed to two key factors: filming commitments and a newfound focus on building her own fashion brand. As she recently stated, “[When Stranger Things took off,] I was 10… I didn’t know what my personal style was.” Thrust into the spotlight at a young age, Millie navigated the world of high fashion without a clear direction.


However, that’s all changed. Brown has blossomed into a young woman with a strong sense of self, and that extends to her wardrobe.  She emphasizes, “Fashion has always been ever-evolving. It’s fluid, and I wanted to create something.”


Building a Fashion Empire for Gen Z


This “something” is Florence by Mills, a clothing line launched by Brown in 2020. The brand is specifically geared towards Gen Z, offering trendy yet affordable pieces. Brown’s vision is clear: “I wanted to create a resource… so that girls going through that similar experience have a resource.”


Florence by Mills stands in stark contrast to the high-fashion exclusivity of the Met Gala. While the Gala celebrates extravagant, often one-of-a-kind  designs, Florence by Mills focuses on accessibility and self-expression, a cause Brown seems deeply passionate about.


Filming Stranger Things: The Upside Down Takes Priority


The other major reason for Brown’s absence is likely the filming schedule for the final season of “Stranger Things.” With the fate of Hawkins hanging in the balance, it’s no surprise that Eleven is needed on set, battling interdimensional monsters rather than posing for photos.


So, Will We See Millie Slay the Red Carpet in 2025?


While Millie Bobby Brown gave the 2024 Met Gala a miss, fashion fans shouldn’t despair. With “Stranger Things” wrapped and Florence by Mills continuing to grow, 2025 could be the year Brown makes a show-stopping Met Gala debut.


Here’s a look at what the internet is buzzing about:


Predictions: Many fashion commentators believe that with a lighter filming schedule, Brown is likely to attend the 2025 Met Gala.

Comparisons: Comparisons are already being drawn to past breakout stars like Zendaya, known for her daring and iconic Met Gala looks.


Millie Bobby Brown Met Gala 2024: FAQs


Why was Millie Bobby Brown not at the 2024 Met Gala?

It’s likely a combination of filming “Stranger Things” and focusing on her fashion brand, Florence by Mills.


What is Florence by Mills?

Florence by Mills is a clothing line launched by Brown in 2020, offering trendy and affordable pieces for Gen Z.


Does Millie Bobby Brown have a stylist?

While details are private, it’s likely Brown collaborates with a stylist for major appearances, but her focus seems to be on building her own fashion sense.


What is Millie Bobby Brown’s personal style?

Brown describes her style as evolving and fluid, but photos show her embracing a mix of streetwear and vintage-inspired pieces.


Will Millie Bobby Brown attend the 2025 Met Gala?

There is no official confirmation, but with a lighter filming schedule, it’s a strong possibility.


What is the theme of the 2025 Met Gala?

  1. The theme for the 2025 Met Gala has not yet been announced.


Who are Millie Bobby Brown’s fashion inspirations?

Brown hasn’t publicly named specific inspirations, but her style choices seem influenced by current trends and vintage aesthetics.


Does Millie Bobby Brown design clothes for Florence by Mills?

The extent of Brown’s design involvement is unknown, but it’s likely she has a creative role in the brand.


Where can I buy clothes from Florence by Mills?

Florence by Mills clothing is available online and in select retailers.


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