Robert De Niro Welcomes Seventh Child at 79

Robert De Niro Welcomes Seventh Child at 79

Robert De Niro

Iconic Hollywood actor Robert De Niro, at the age of 79, has become a father for the seventh time, according to an exclusive interview with ET Canada. During the interview, De Niro discussed his thoughts on parenting while promoting his upcoming film, ‘About My Father.’ This article explores De Niro’s views on parenthood, his expanding family, and his ongoing career in the film industry.


De Niro’s Thoughts on Parenthood

In the interview, the 79-year-old actor shared his perspective on parenting, acknowledging that although he doesn’t enjoy having to discipline his children, it is sometimes necessary. He emphasized the importance of doing the right thing for his children while also recognizing that there are instances where tough decisions need to be made.


The Surprise Announcement

During the interview, De Niro revealed that he recently had a baby, making it his seventh child. However, he did not provide any further details about the new addition or disclose the identity of the mother. Speculation arose when his girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, was spotted with a baby bump during a dinner outing. De Niro’s representative later confirmed the news of the baby, adding to his already diverse family.

De Niro’s Family



Prior to his seventh child, De Niro was already a father to six children. He shares a daughter named Drena, aged 51, and a son named Raphael, aged 46, with his first wife, Diahnne Abbott. In 1995, he welcomed twin sons Julian and Aaron, aged 27, with his former girlfriend, Toukie Smith. De Niro also has a son named Elliot, aged 24, and a daughter named Helen Grace, aged 11, with his ex-wife, Grace Hightower. With his expanding family, De Niro takes pride in his role as a father and encourages his children to pursue their dreams.

Career Highlights

Robert De Niro, a two-time Academy Award winner, is celebrated for his unforgettable performances in films such as ‘The Godfather: Part II,’ ‘Raging Bull,’ and ‘Taxi Driver,’ among many others. Throughout his illustrious career, he has received seven Oscar nominations, showcasing his exceptional talent and versatility as an actor. Despite his age, De Niro shows no signs of slowing down and continues to work on new projects and promote his films.


The news of Robert De Niro welcoming his seventh child at the age of 79 has garnered attention and sparked intrigue. In his exclusive interview, De Niro shared his thoughts on parenting, highlighting the challenges and responsibilities that come with raising children. As an accomplished actor, De Niro remains dedicated to his craft, constantly working on new projects and promoting his films. With his expanding family and unwavering passion for his career, De Niro continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his remarkable talent and timeless performances.

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