Ruby Franke Religion And Extremism: Faith, Family, Abuse Allegations and Fallout

Ruby Franke Religion

Ruby Franke, a name once synonymous with family vlogging and homeschooling advocacy, has become associated with a dark side of religious extremism. Her story sheds light on the complex interplay between faith, parenting, and the potential for abuse when boundaries blur.

Ruby Franke Religion


A Rise to Prominence: The “8 Passengers” Era (2015-2023)

In 2015, Franke launched the YouTube channel “” alongside her husband, Kevin. The channel documented their lives as a large, devout Mormon family navigating the challenges and joys of raising eight children. “” amassed a large following, captivating viewers with glimpses into their seemingly wholesome and faith-based lifestyle.


Franke’s strong Christian beliefs were central to the channel’s content. Prayers, scripture readings, and discussions about modesty were commonplace. While many viewers connected with the family’s values, others found their approach overly rigid and controlling.


Cracks in the Facade: Controversy and Criticism

As “” gained popularity, controversies began to emerge. Franke’s parenting methods, which included strict discipline and limitations on technology use, drew criticism. Some viewers expressed concern about the potential for emotional and psychological harm to the children.


These concerns intensified with the launch of Franke’s second channel, “ConneXions,” in partnership with therapist Jodi Hildebrandt. The channel focused on promoting homeschooling and offering parenting advice. However, some of their teachings raised alarm bells, advocating for methods like isolation and withholding food as disciplinary tools.


Downward Spiral: Abuse Allegations and Legal Repercussions (2023-Present)

In August 2023, Franke’s world came crashing down. She and Hildebrandt were arrested on charges of aggravated child abuse. The charges stemmed from allegations that they had subjected two of Franke’s younger children to extreme physical and psychological abuse. According to reports, the children were forced into manual labor, deprived of food, and convinced they were possessed by demons.


Franke’s religious beliefs reportedly played a significant role in the alleged abuse. Court documents and personal journals revealed a distorted interpretation of her faith, where obedience and submission to authority were seen as paramount, even if it meant inflicting suffering on her children.


In November 2023, both Franke and Hildebrandt pleaded guilty to four counts of aggravated child abuse. Sentencing is still pending as of April 2024.


The case has sparked outrage and discussions about the dangers of religious extremism. It has also raised questions about the responsibility of social media platforms to prevent the spread of harmful content, particularly where children are potentially at risk.


The Impact on the Mormon Community

The Franke case has cast a shadow on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). While Franke and her family were members of the LDS Church, it’s crucial to remember that their actions do not represent the beliefs and practices of the entire religion.


The LDS Church has officially condemned child abuse in all forms. Church leaders have emphasized the importance of seeking professional help for families struggling with parenting challenges. However, the association with the Franke family has unfortunately led to negative stereotypes about the faith.


The Aftermath: Broken Family and Unanswered Questions

The fallout from the Franke case has been devastating. Kevin Franke filed for divorce in November 2023, after over a year of separation. The couple’s children are now in protective custody and receiving trauma-informed care.


The extent of the emotional and psychological damage inflicted on these children remains unknown. The legal proceedings may provide further details about the abuse and the role religion played in it.


FAQs: Ruby Franke, Religion, and the Aftermath

  1. What religion does Ruby Franke belong to?


Ruby Franke is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).


  1. Did the LDS Church endorse Ruby Franke’s parenting methods?


No. The LDS Church officially condemns child abuse of any kind.  The Church emphasizes the importance of providing a loving and nurturing environment for children.


  1. How did Ruby Franke’s faith contribute to the alleged abuse?


According to reports and court documents, Franke’s distorted interpretation of her faith, which emphasized obedience and authoritarian rule, led to the justification of harsh punishment disguised as religious discipline.


  1. What is the current status of the Ruby Franke case?


Both Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt pleaded guilty to aggravated child abuse charges in November 2023. Sentencing is still pending.


  1. What are the long-term consequences for Ruby Franke’s children?


The long-term effects of the alleged abuse on Franke’s children remain unknown.  They are currently receiving care to address any potential.

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