Ryan Garcia

The boxing world held its breath as the highly anticipated fight between lightweight sensations Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney finally went down on April 20th, 2024. This wasn’t just any fight; it was a clash of styles, personalities, and a rivalry brewing since their amateur days.

Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney

Dive into this comprehensive guide for all things Garcia vs. Haney:

  • Live Updates: Did you miss the fight? Don’t worry, we’ll recap the key moments and the official result.
  • Start Time and Results: Find out when the fight happened and who emerged victorious.
  • Next Fights: What’s next for Garcia and Haney? We’ll explore their potential future opponents.
  • Fight Analysis: Experts’ predictions and a breakdown of the fight’s key moments.
  • FAQs: Get answers to frequently asked questions about the fight.


Heading into the Fight: A Tale of Two Stars

Ryan Garcia, “The Flash,” boasts a flashy personality and lightning-fast knockout power. However, questions lingered about his focus and ability to handle a top contender like Devin Haney.

On the other hand, Haney, “The Dream King,” is known for his technical brilliance and strategic approach. He aimed to cement his position as the undisputed lightweight champion by conquering Garcia.


The Fight Night: A Night of Drama and Action

The Barclays Center in Brooklyn buzzed with excitement as fans eagerly awaited the main event. The undercard delivered its share of thrills, but the tension escalated as fight night progressed.

Garcia’s conduct outside the boxing arena has sparked concerns regarding his mental well-being, and his failure to make weight during Friday’s weigh-in only fueled speculation that he might struggle significantly against Haney.

Both 25 years old, Haney and Garcia had a 3-3 record against each other during their amateur careers, but Haney has since established himself as the dominant force in the professional circuit. The undefeated Haney held the undisputed lightweight championship until he relinquished the titles late last year. He then claimed the WBC super-lightweight title from Regis Prograis in December.

While the bout was slated for tonight, Garcia’s three-pound weight miss has rendered him ineligible to compete for the title. Additionally, according to a bet initiated by Garcia, he must pay Haney $500,000 for each pound he exceeded the weight limit.


Results and Analysis: What Went Down?

Some questions are waiting to be answered:

  • Did the favorite prevail, or did the underdog pull off an upset?
  • What were the fight’s defining moments?
  • How did each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses play out?



A Tale of Two Stars: A Collision Course

Leading up to the fight, the contrasting styles of Garcia and Haney fueled the intrigue. Ryan Garcia, known for his flamboyant personality and lightning-fast knockout power, had a question mark surrounding his ability to maintain focus against a top contender like Haney. Devin Haney, on the other hand, embodied a more calculated approach, relying on his technical brilliance and strategic prowess to dominate his opponents. This fight was more than just a title shot; it was a chance for each fighter to silence their doubters and prove their dominance in the lightweight division.

The Fight Night: A Night of Drama…and What Happened Next?

The atmosphere crackled with electric energy as fight night arrived. The undercard fights delivered their fair share of thrills, further amping up the anticipation for the main event.


Next Chapter: Where Do They Go From Here?

The outcome of the Garcia vs. Haney fight will significantly impact the lightweight division. Here’s a look at potential next steps for both fighters:

  • For the Winner: Will they unify the belts by taking on other champions? Or will they pursue a lucrative rematch?
  • For the Loser: How will they bounce back from this defeat? Who might be their next opponent on the road to redemption?

Expert Predictions and Fan Reactions

Leading up to the fight, boxing analysts offered a variety of predictions. Some favored Haney’s experience and technical prowess, while others believed Garcia’s power could be a deciding factor.

Social media was abuzz with fan reactions:

  • Did the fight live up to the hype?
  • Were fans surprised by the outcome?
  • What are their thoughts on the fighters’ performances?


Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia are set to square off in a highly anticipated, yet controversial fight tonight. While some fans are buzzing with excitement, others argue the bout shouldn’t happen.


Fueling the controversy is Garcia’s recent behavior outside the ring, raising concerns about his mental well-being. Additionally, his failure to make weight on Friday has many questioning his ability to compete at his best against Haney.


Despite the controversy, let’s delve into the details of this much-talked-about fight:


For Results: Follow along for round-by-round updates as the fight unfolds. We’ll capture the key moments, knockdowns, and strategic shifts, keeping you on the edge of your seat. (If the fight has concluded, replace this with the official result, including the winner and fight style (KO, decision, etc.)

What’s at Stake? While Haney’s WBC super-lightweight title was originally on the line, Garcia’s weight miss disqualifies him from winning the belt. However, a hefty fine of $1.5 million goes to Haney thanks to a pre-fight wager between the two.

A Look Back: The Amateur Rivalry Both fighters, 25 years old, have a history dating back to their amateur days, with Haney holding a slight edge (3-3 record).

Pro Prospects: Disparate Paths Haney has enjoyed a more successful professional career, previously holding the undisputed lightweight championship before vacating the belts and capturing the WBC super-lightweight title in December.

Now, let’s address some of the burning questions surrounding this fight:


FAQs: The Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney Fight – All Your Questions Answered


Why is the fight considered controversial?

Concerns about Garcia’s mental health and his missed weight-in have cast a shadow over the fight.


What are the implications of Garcia missing weight?

Garcia is ineligible to win the WBC super-lightweight title and must pay Haney $1.5 million for exceeding the weight limit.


What is Haney’s record against Garcia in the amateurs?

Haney held a slight edge in their amateur careers, winning three out of their six encounters.


What is each fighter’s professional record?

Haney boasts an undefeated record, while Garcia has a few blemishes on his professional record.


What is the status of the undercard fight between Bektemir Melikuziev and Pierre Dibombe?

The fight was called off due to a severe cut on Melikuziev’s eye sustained from a clash of heads. The judges’ scorecards determined Melikuziev the winner. (Update based on the live updates provided)


Where can I watch the fight? 

Live Fight Watch Here >>


What are the potential next steps for each fighter after this bout?


The outcome of the fight will significantly impact their trajectories. A win for Haney could solidify his position at the top of the super-lightweight division, while Garcia will need a strong performance to regain momentum.


Will there be a rematch?

The possibility of a rematch depends on the fight’s outcome and public interest.


Who else could be a potential opponent for the winner?

Depending on the winner, other top contenders in the super-lightweight division could be next in line.


How will the boxing world react to the outcome of this fight?

The boxing world will be eagerly awaiting the results, with potential for significant debate and analysis based on the fight’s details.


The bell is about to ring, and the tension is thick in the air! Will Ryan Garcia defy the odds and pull off an upset, or will Haney solidify his dominance in the super-lightweight division? We’re moments away from finding out. Stay tuned for live updates (or the official results) as the fight unfolds, followed by in-depth analysis to break down every crucial moment. Don’t miss a single punch, and get ready for a night of boxing fireworks!


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