Trisha Yearwood magic at the 2024 CMT Awards

Country music fans were treated to a double dose of Trisha Yearwood magic at the 2024 CMT Awards. Not only did the legendary singer take home the prestigious June Carter Cash Humanitarian Award for her philanthropic efforts, but she also debuted a brand new song, “Put It in a Song,” that has audiences buzzing about a potential instant classic.

Trisha Yearwood magic at the 2024 CMT Awards


Trisha Yearwood Spellbounds 2024 CMT Awards Night

The April 7th ceremony held in Austin, Texas, was a night of celebration for Yearwood.  The inaugural June Carter Cash Humanitarian Award recognizes artists who embody the spirit of June Carter Cash, a tireless advocate for her community and fellow musicians. Yearwood’s dedication to causes like Habitat for Humanity perfectly aligns with this spirit, making her a deserving first recipient.


In her acceptance speech, Yearwood expressed surprise and gratitude for the honor. “It almost feels awkward,” she admitted [AOL News], “because I was gearing up to talk about putting an album out next year.” This comment sent a wave of excitement through the audience, hinting at a new album on the horizon.


“Put It in a Song” was Trisha Yearwood’s Spellcast


But the real showstopper of the night was Yearwood’s world premiere performance of “Put It in a Song.”  Details about the song are still scarce, but early buzz suggests it’s a powerful ballad that showcases Yearwood’s signature vocals.  Critics have praised the song’s emotional depth and relatable lyrics, with some even comparing it to her classic hits like “She’s in Love With the Boy” and “How Do I Live.”


While a studio recording hasn’t been released yet, snippets from the live performance have already garnered a significant online following. Fans are eagerly awaiting the official release, which is expected to be sometime this year.


Yearwood’s Legacy of Giving


Yearwood’s humanitarian efforts extend far beyond her work with Habitat for Humanity.  She has lent her time and voice to numerous charities throughout her career, focusing on causes that promote education, empower women, and support veterans.  This unwavering commitment to giving back is a significant part of her legacy and serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere.


A Look Back: Trisha Yearwood’s CMT History


Yearwood’s appearance at the 2024 CMT Awards marked her first time on the show since 2019.  Throughout her illustrious career, she’s become a fixture in country music, with numerous CMT Award nominations and wins to her name.  Fans are hopeful that “Put It in a Song” will continue this successful trajectory and potentially earn her more CMT recognition in the future.


Here’s what the internet is saying about Trisha Yearwood’s CMT performance:


“[ It could evoke nostalgia, offer catharsis, instill hope, and foster connection. But how it affects each listener depends on their personal experiences.]” – [Prabhu],

– Fan comment on [X]

– Fan comment on [X]


08 Burning Questions About Trisha Yearwood and “Put It in a Song” Answered


What is the release date for “Put It in a Song?” – No official release date has been announced, but based on Yearwood’s comments, it’s expected sometime in 2024.

Will there be a music video for “Put It in a Song?” – There is no confirmation yet, but music videos are a common way for artists to promote new songs.

Is “Put It in a Song” the first single from a new album? – Yearwood hinted at a new album coming out next year, but it’s unclear if “Put It in a Song” will be the lead single.

What genre is “Put It in a Song?” – Early indications suggest it’s a country ballad.

Who wrote “Put It in a Song?” – Songwriting credits haven’t been revealed yet.

Where can I watch Trisha Yearwood’s performance of “Put It in a Song?” – Check the CMT Awards website or social media pages for potential performance clips.

Can I pre-order the new album? – There’s no official announcement for a new album yet, so pre-orders aren’t available.

Will Trisha Yearwood tour in support of the new album? – Tour announcements typically follow album releases, so stay tuned for updates.




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