UConn Men And Women Basketball Tournament Ignites Storrs Business In Easter

Uconn Men and Women Basketball Tournament

Storrs, Connecticut, the home of the University of Connecticut (UConn) Huskies, usually experiences a slowdown during Easter weekend. But this year, with both the men’s and women’s basketball teams playing crucial games on Saturday night, the town was buzzing with activity. UConn’s tournament success transcended the typical Easter lull, injecting a much-needed boost into the local economy.

UConn Men and Women Basketball Tournament

Students Stay Put, Businesses Thrive

Easter falling in March presented a unique situation. While some UConn students opted to travel home for the holiday, a significant portion remained on campus, drawn in by the excitement of the basketball games. This unexpected student presence proved to be a boon for local businesses. Ted’s Restaurant and Bar, a popular student hangout, saw a surge in customers cheering on the Huskies.

“Teds is our favorite place to be,” said Elizabeth Costa, a UConn senior. “There’s no better place to enjoy the game with friends than here.” This sentiment was echoed by Sydney Brewer, a UConn graduate. “Even though we might not be with our families for Easter this year, we have a strong family atmosphere here at UConn. Watching the games creates a sense of togetherness and allows us to reconnect with friends we might not have seen recently.”


Amidst the excitement of the basketball games and Easter festivities, some UConn students found themselves embarking on quirky adventures that added an extra layer of excitement to the weekend.


In one dormitory, a group of friends decided to host an impromptu Easter egg hunt, hiding colorful eggs filled with candy and small prizes throughout the common areas. As the search ensued, laughter echoed through the halls as students dashed around, determined to uncover every hidden treasure.


Elsewhere on campus, a creative student set up a makeshift photo booth adorned with Easter-themed props and decorations. Word quickly spread, and soon a line formed as eager students waited to capture festive snapshots with friends, donning bunny ears and clutching basketball-shaped props.


In a nearby park, a group of enterprising students organized a charity Easter egg roll, inviting fellow classmates to test their luck in rolling eggs down a grassy slope. With each roll, participants eagerly watched to see whose egg would travel the farthest, all in the name of raising funds for a local cause.


Meanwhile, a dedicated fan took their Huskies pride to new heights by painting their face in team colors and donning an elaborate costume resembling the university mascot. As they roamed the campus, spreading cheer and excitement, they quickly became a beloved fixture of the weekend festivities.


Tournament Fever Heats Local Businesses: Uconn Men and Women Basketball Tournament

The impact wasn’t limited to just a few popular spots. Dog Lane Café, a downtown Storrs staple, also witnessed a significant rise in business on game day. Manager Max Bean explained, “We typically experience slower foot traffic on Easter weekends. However, the tournament games created a whole new dynamic. We had to staff up with additional cooks and line personnel to handle the increased demand for food orders, particularly takeout options for fans preparing for the game at home.”


The camaraderie amongst UConn fans was palpable throughout Storrs. Michelle Cost, another UConn senior, summed it up perfectly: “Since we couldn’t be with our families for Easter this year, we decided to create our own family atmosphere here at Ted’s. Watching the games together and celebrating with our fellow Huskies is the next best thing.”

As the excitement of the basketball games swept through Storrs, some UConn fans took their enthusiasm to hilarious heights. In a quirky twist, a group of die-hard supporters decided to dress up as their favorite players, complete with makeshift jerseys and exaggerated basketball shorts.

The sight of miniaturized versions of the star athletes roaming the streets drew amused glances from passersby and elicited laughter from even the most serious spectators. With their oversized sneakers squeaking on the pavement and their comically exaggerated dribbling skills on display, these pint-sized players added an unexpected dose of whimsy to the festivities.

Not to be outdone, a rival group of fans decided to stage their own makeshift halftime show, complete with impromptu dance routines and lip-sync battles set to iconic basketball anthems. Spontaneous dance-offs erupted on street corners and in parking lots, as students let loose and embraced the joyous spirit of the weekend.

Meanwhile, a particularly enthusiastic fan supported the Huskies to extreme lengths by attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous cheer. Armed with a megaphone and endless enthusiasm, they led fellow fans in a marathon cheer that echoed across campus and beyond, garnering cheers and applause from bystanders.


UConn Basketball Tournament: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How does the UConn Basketball Tournament typically affect the Storrs economy?


The UConn Basketball Tournament is a major economic driver for Storrs. During tournament season, local businesses, particularly restaurants and bars, experience a significant increase in customer traffic and revenue. This is due to a combination of factors, including increased student spending, visiting fans from out of town, and a generally more vibrant atmosphere in the town.


  1. Did Easter weekend dampen the usual tournament boost this year?


This year, Easter falling in March did lead to a slight decrease in the number of students staying on campus. However, the  tournament’s excitement more than compensated for this dip. Businesses still saw a significant increase in sales compared to a typical Easter weekend.


  1. What types of businesses benefit the most from the UConn Basketball Tournament?


Restaurants, bars, and cafes see the most significant direct impact from the increased student and fan activity during the tournament. However, other businesses, such as retail stores and entertainment venues, can also benefit indirectly from the overall positive economic atmosphere.


  1. How does the UConn Basketball Tournament’s success translate into long-term benefits for Storrs?


UConn’s consistent success in basketball not only provides a short-term economic boost but also helps to build a strong brand identity for Storrs. This national exposure attracts talented students and faculty to the university, further contributing to the town’s economic and social well-being.


  1. What are some of the challenges faced by Storrs businesses during the UConn Basketball Tournament?


The primary challenge relates to managing the sudden surge in demand. Businesses need to ensure they have adequate staffing and inventory to meet the needs of the increased customer base. Additionally, managing large crowds requires proper security measures and traffic control strategies.


By successfully navigating these challenges and capitalizing on the excitement generated by the UConn Basketball Tournament, Storrs businesses can ensure a significant economic boost throughout the tournament season.

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