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Tom Brady News: The undisputed GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) of American football, has conquered everything the NFL could throw at him – except a live comedy roast. But on May 2nd, 2024, Netflix’s “The Roast of Tom Brady: AKA The Greatest Roast of All Time” aired, proving that even the most decorated quarterback can’t escape the fire of hilarious insults.

tom brady news


The star-studded event, held at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, saw a who’s who of the comedy and sports world come together to playfully dismantle Brady’s legacy (well, at least his ego). From his former teammates like Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman to legendary comedians like Jeff Ross and Kevin Hart (the show’s host), no aspect of Brady’s life was spared.


Tom Brady News: Highlights from the Roast


The evening was filled with laugh-out-loud moments, with each roaster bringing their A-game. Here are some of the night’s biggest highlights:


Gronk’s Gronkisms: Rob Gronkowski, Brady’s longtime on-field partner-in-crime, didn’t disappoint. His roasts were a mix of playful jabs about Brady’s age (“You throw the ball further than you can see it these days!”) and insider jokes that only their shared history could produce.


Eli Manning Gets Roasted (by Proxy): A surprise appearance by actor Will Ferrell, dressed as his iconic Ron Burgundy character from “Anchorman,” targeted Brady’s NFL counterpart Eli Manning. Ferrell, channeling Burgundy’s signature arrogance, declared that Brady’s seven Super Bowl wins were “basically just stealing from Eli.”


Self-deprecating Brady: While the night was about roasting Brady, the former quarterback even got in on the fun. He poked fun at himself, acknowledging his receding hairline and his brief, unremarkable stint as a baseball player.


Tom Brady News: Roasts and Rumors

Tom Brady continues to be a source of headlines even two years into his retirement. This weekend, a roast special featuring the NFL legend premiered on Netflix. The event included playful jabs from his former coach Bill Belichick and teammate Julian Edelman, but also highlighted the immense respect Brady commands across the league.


Meanwhile, speculation continues about a potential return to football. While Brady is slated to begin his broadcasting career with FOX Sports this season, recent comments suggest he might not be entirely opposed to suiting up for a playoff run with a contender.


Beyond the Laughs: A Celebration of a Legend


Despite the relentless teasing, the roast ultimately served as a celebration of Tom Brady’s incredible career. Jokes about his avocado obsession and “retirement indecisiveness” couldn’t overshadow the genuine respect his fellow athletes and comedians have for him.


Predictions and the Aftermath: Did the Roast Change Brady?


Only time will tell if the roast has any lasting impact on Brady. Some predict it might reignite his competitive fire, leading him to “unretire” once again.  However,  it’s more likely that Brady will take the jokes in stride, adding this unique experience to his already legendary story.


FAQs: Tom Brady News Of Roast


Who hosted the Tom Brady roast?

The roast was hosted by comedian Kevin Hart.


Who were some of the roasters?

Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Jeff Ross, and Will Ferrell were some of the notable roasters.


Is there a video of the roast available?

Yes, the roast is currently available to stream on Netflix.


Did Tom Brady seem offended by the jokes?

No, Brady seemed to be in good spirits and even participated in some self-deprecating humor.


Did the roast mention his recent divorce?

While there were some veiled references, the roast mostly focused on Brady’s career and personality.


Was there any controversy surrounding the roast?

No major controversies have surfaced so far.


Is Tom Brady coming out of retirement?

There is no official confirmation from Tom Brady himself. While recent comments suggest he might be open to a return under specific circumstances, it’s not guaranteed.


What is Tom Brady doing now?

Tom Brady is currently focused on his upcoming role as an NFL analyst for FOX Sports. He also recently participated in a roast special that premiered on Netflix.


Can I watch the Tom Brady News Of roast special?

Yes, the roast special titled “The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady” is available for streaming on Netflix.


Was the roast funny?

Reviews have been generally positive, with critics praising the roasters’ comedic talents.


Will this be the only Tom Brady roast?

It’s impossible to say for sure, but given his larger-than-life personality, another roast wouldn’t be out of the question.


Did Eli Manning attend the roast?

There’s no official confirmation of Eli Manning’s presence at the roast.


What was Tom Brady‘s favorite part of the roast?

Brady hasn’t publicly commented on his favorite part of the roast, but his good-natured demeanor throughout the event suggests he enjoyed the experience.


“Tom Brady News Of Roast” might have been a night of comedic jabs, but it ultimately served as a testament to the impact this legendary quarterback has had on the world of sports.

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