Behind the Flash Shines Ezra Miller’s Professionalism


Behind the Flash Shines Ezra Miller’s Professionalism

Despite all the noise The Flash star Ezra Miller created off set in the last year, including a burglary charge for stealing liquor from a neighbor’s house in Vermont, among myriad other tabloid headlines, filmmakers who’ve worked with the actor vouch they’re the consummate professional with zero melodrama on set.


Professionalism Shines Through: Ezra Miller’s Commitment to Craft


Ezra Miller, known for their role as The Flash, has been making headlines for their off-screen antics. However, those who have had the opportunity to work with Miller attest to their professionalism and dedication to their craft. Filmmakers, such as Mary Harron from the movie “Daliland” and Flash director Andy Muschietti, praise Miller for their commitment, discipline, and humor on set.


A Positive Working Experience: Mary Harron on Ezra Miller


Mary Harron, the filmmaker behind “Daliland,” had the chance to work with Ezra Miller, who played the young artist in the film. Despite the media attention surrounding Miller’s personal life, Harron shares that Miller was a consummate professional on set. Their talent as an actor and comedian impressed Harron, and Miller’s ability to switch effortlessly between characters was remarkable. Harron’s experience working with Miller showcases their dedication and versatility as an actor.


Andy Muschietti’s Perspective: Miller’s Stellar Performance in The Flash


Andy Muschietti, the director of The Flash, also praises Ezra Miller for their outstanding performance and professionalism. Muschietti describes Miller as one of the best actors they have ever worked with. Their ability to portray both the original Barry Allen and the young Barry with precision and depth impressed the director. Muschietti also highlights Miller’s commitment, discipline, humor, and enthusiasm for the project. Despite Miller’s background in independent films, The Flash provides an opportunity for them to showcase their full abilities as a performer.


The Flash’s Critical Reception


With the release of The Flash, the long-awaited DC outing, reviews have started pouring in. While the film did not reach the status of “one of the greatest superhero movies ever made,” it received a “Fresh” score of 73% on Rotten Tomatoes, a popular review aggregator site. The critical reception of The Flash has been mostly positive, with many reviewers praising Miller’s performance and the inclusion of Michael Keaton’s Batman.


The Flash Delivers What Fans Have Been Waiting For


Julian Roman from MovieWeb commends The Flash for meeting the expectations of DC fans. He describes the film as a stunning superhero adaptation that lives up to the hype. Roman specifically highlights Ezra Miller’s role in saving the Snyderverse, and the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman, which fans have eagerly anticipated.

Releasing this June 16th

The Flash’s Triumph


The Flash faced several obstacles during its development, including pandemic-related delays and Ezra Miller’s personal troubles. However, the positive reviews and Miller’s acclaimed performance demonstrate that these challenges may not hinder the film’s success. The Flash has the potential to perform well at the box office and overcome the difficulties it encountered along the way. The example of Super Mario Bros., which achieved tremendous success despite negative reviews, shows that critical reception is not always indicative of a film’s commercial performance.


 An Exciting Finale to the DCEU


Fear from a renowned publication writes that The Flash is the best movie to emerge from the recent Warner Bros./DC collaboration, following the path paved by Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. The film is hailed as a witty and warm buddy comedy that stands out as one of the final entries in the current DCEU era. However, the positive reviews don’t excuse any off-screen incidents that have occurred.

 Filmmakers such as Mary Harron and Andy Muschietti commend Miller’s dedication, discipline, and talent as an actor. The critical reception of The Flash has been mostly positive, with reviewers praising Miller’s performance and the inclusion of Michael Keaton’s Batman. Despite the challenges faced during its development, The Flash has the potential to overcome them and achieve success at the box office. It is seen as an exciting finale to the current phase of the DCEU, delivering what fans have been eagerly waiting for. While the off-screen incidents cannot be excused, the focus remains on Miller’s professional achievements and the positive reception of the film.


‘The Flash’ Director Andy Muschietti On Ezra Miller: “One Of My Best Experiences With An Actor” – Crew Call Podcast

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